Cory Rothert

Software Developer, Video Engineer, Blogger & Problem Solver

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Myers and Briggs: ENTJ

Location: Kernville, CA

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Kotlin, Java, Swift, JavaScript, PHP

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Match Outcomes

Player/Friend Comparisons

Champion Analytics

Opponent Analytics

Player Tendencies

Per-Game Statistics


Per-Game Statistics

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KDA Ratios

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Dead Cat Bounce:

A temporary recovery in a stock price or a temporary market rally after a significant downward trend.


Analysis Tool

Predict when short-term traders try to profit from a rally.

Boosted Animals Productions


"Boosted Animal"

A person who pays or plays with better players to gain higher mmr in a game.


Community Outreach

Kern Valley Computer Repair


Written Advice

How to update computer drivers, Where to find Wi-Fi Hotspots, How to Removing Suspicious Programs and more...


Video Advice

Top Inernet Service Providers for Kern Valley, how to increase your computer's performance, Google Maps Wi-Fi Hotspots Tour and more...



(Aug 2013 - Jan 2015)

Android, iOS and Java Developer

  • Rewrote the Android app navigation, activities, dialpad and voicemail page
  • Repaired existing iOS and Android apps using Xcode and Eclipse
  • Performed QA on existing iOS and Android apps
  • Successfully branded the PhonePower app to Broadvoice and deployed to both iOS and Android stores

California State University, Chico

(May 2012 - Jan 2013)

Computer Student Assistant

  • Computer administrator and technician for University Housing and Food Service
  • First responder for staff and lab computers and printers
  • Maintained inventory of all computers and printers
  • Installed and maintained integrity of all Windows machines on the network
  • Supervised and taught new coworkers every aspect of the job


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